What is Leublora Green Village

LGV’s mission is to contribute to the sustainable transformation of Timor-Leste through three strategies: 1) environmental education, 2) eco-tourism and 3) agriculture. This combined approach makes LGV the first and only model of sustainable community development in Timor-Leste.

In order to achieve this task, the organization has created three key elements that together form an interlinked and a projected self-sustainable structure: 1) the Leublora Green School, 2) the Leublora Green Villas and Organic Restaurant, and 3) the Women’s Organic Farming Cooperative. All profits generated from LGV’s commercial goods and services are fully invested in its social projects.

The progress has been remarkable. Conceptualized in 2014, LGV has quickly blossomed to what it is now and is hoping to grow even more by adding a fully-equipped Training Center. In addition, we are working with the government of Timor-Leste and other like-minded organizations to set up replicas of the Leublora Green Village in every district of the country.


The Leublora Green School (LGS), LGV’s signature project, is an extracurricular, environmental education facility created to nurture social and environmental responsibility in Timor-Leste’s leaders of tomorrow. A bright future will only arise if the country unites to sustainably harness the rich potential of its land. Green School programs are free of charge, instilling the importance of caring for all life and respecting the environment, while fostering practical skills related to self-sustainable, organic agricultural production.


Refined and eco-friendly hospitality in the heart of beautiful Maubisse. Our newly constructed green villas give you the comforts of home and our restaurant serves mouthwatering, locally produced, organic delicacies while you look out at the beautiful landscape.  Stay or eat with us.


Our organic farm is the fruit of the tireless labour of our Women’s Organic Farming cooperative. The participating women are also given the skills, tools, seeds and products to make and care for their own organic farms in their own villages.  By empowering them to become self-sustainable and independent, LGV is hoping to inspire the country to follow the same pathway to agricultural and financial self-sustainability. Learn more or buy our products.